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Seamless Transitions: Merging Interior Design with Outdoor Landscapes

It’s normal to think of the home interior and outdoor landscape as two different entities with a fixed boundary in between. However, linking both spaces is possible, even if it’s only a small patio or garden. It helps the interior space feel larger, enabling you to feel connected to your home, even outdoors.

The connection that such a merger promises is genuinely unique. However, you can only achieve the intended effect if the transition is seamless. As the foremost landscaping company in Austin, TX, we’ve provided these techniques to help you merge interior design with your outdoor landscapes:

Synchronize both spaces with nature

One of the easiest ways to make the best of both worlds is to bring a touch of nature inside. Bringing the natural elements of your landscape, such as plants, into your home can enliven the space, create serenity and calmness, and ensure that both spaces are in sync.

Such an effect is quite easy on the eye, as your yard's natural green and blooming colors are transitioned seamlessly into your interior space. You can quickly achieve this by partnering with the right landscaping company in Austin.

Incorporate cohesive design schemes

If you are limited by climate or architecture but still want to achieve that unbroken flow to the outdoors, you can adopt cohesive design schemes by using the same decorative motifs and patterns in an adjoining room with the respective outdoor space.

You can use similar vases, lamps, rugs, furniture styles, color schemes, and other accessories. If you’re confused about how to achieve this effect, work with a professional landscaping company in Austin.

Use complementary architecture

You can use architectural touches and materials that mirror the interior space when designing the landscape. For instance, if your interior design includes large beams, transoms, and arches, you can incorporate similar elements into the outdoor hardscape.

Other elements you can mirror include the flooring, countertops, and light fixtures. You're good to go if you can find an outdoor equivalent material that complements the indoor features.

The best professional landscaping company in Austin can help you select the ideal materials and ensure that your outdoor materials are durable enough to withstand the harsher environment.

Introduce the element of functionality

One of the best ways to merge your interior space with your outdoor landscape is to make it functional and capable of hosting people. As homely as the interior may be, you can attempt to have the outdoors match it in terms of functionality and be a place where people love to hang out.

Collaborating with a landscaping company in Austin can help you decide on adding functional elements like fire features, outdoor kitchens, and bars.

Install a canopy or pergola

A fantastic way to top off your efforts to merge interior design with the outdoor landscape is to install a canopy roof or pergola in the garden immediately near your entryway or patio door, creating a faux ceiling for the outdoors.

By creating the effect of being under a ceiling, you will have perfectly merged the two spaces and have them feel genuinely connected. Another added benefit is using your garden space despite unfavorable weather.

Let the professional Austin landscaping company help you achieve the ultimate aesthetic cohesion

Merging interior design with outdoor landscapes works in two ways- bringing interior elements to the outdoors or vice versa. However, doing it alone can be challenging, and you might end up with an unintended effect.

Working with a professional landscaping company in Austin, like JXC Landscaping, can help you perfectly merge the best outdoor and indoor space features and create the landscape of your dreams. Get a quote today.



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