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Attract Customers to Your Central Texas Business With These Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Updated: Apr 25

Looking for a way to attract more customers to your Central Texas business? 

With the right Central Texas landscaping ideas, you can convey the right message to customers, compel them to engage with your business, and direct the flow of traffic for the benefit of commerce.

Here are some top commercial landscaping ideas for your next project:

1. Outdoor seating areas

Well-designed outdoor seating areas are a great way to attract clients and create a beautiful and comfortable environment for them to relax and enjoy.

Lush shrubs and tall trees in the area enhance its visual appeal and comfort levels, and a blend of aesthetic and durable outdoor furniture provides long-lasting beauty that is resilient in the face of the elements.

2. Colorful planting

Another practical Central Texas landscaping idea is colorful planting. In residential structures, colorful plants are the ultimate aesthetic, capable of lighting up the blandest of lawns.

In commercial spaces, colorful planting can become the ultimate customer magnet. The brilliant colors of carefully selected begonias, roses, caladiums, and lavenders are guaranteed to appeal to customers. 

What’s more? It projects an image of beauty and serenity to potential customers, one quality you want associated with your enterprise.

3. Decorative hardscape features

Commercial landscaping ideas in Central Texas aren’t only about green and growing things but also about using decorative hardscape elements.

For instance, decorative features like statues and fountains can add some character to your space. You can also incorporate stoneways or pathways with colorful flowering plants to give pedestrians who walk into your building a pleasant experience.

4. Planters at your business entrance

A simple but effective Central Texas landscaping idea is to place beautiful plants at the entrance of the building to help make a powerful, welcoming statement.

You can place vividly blooming flowering shrubs by the front door or frame your entrance with sleek trees to create a cheerful and welcoming vibe to your commercial property.

5. Spruce up your parking lot

Every section of your commercial building, including your parking lot, can be put to use in landscaping to project the character of your enterprise.

While your parking lot may seem like a humble space, some landscaping upgrades can transform its purpose and make it attractive to people. An easy way to do this is to line the space with inviting flowering pots for a stylish, professional look.

6. Add shrubs to the building windows

You can integrate exotic creepers and climbers around any windows facing outside. Alternatively, you can install eye-catching planter boxes for windows, windowsills, balconies, and even rooftops.

Attract more customers with the right Central Texas landscaping ideas

A well-designed, aesthetically appealing, and functional commercial landscape can mean a lot for your business. It can appeal to passersby's subconscious and create an excellent mindset for all who walk through your entry doors.

Our experts at JXC Landscaping can assess your space and choose the right Central Texas landscaping idea to best suit your business. Get a quote today. 

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