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6 Easy Spring Landscaping Ideas for a Colorful Yard at Your Home In Austin, Texas and the Hill Count

Springtime is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Trees bloom with a burst of colors, shapes and sizes, adding a touch of brightness everywhere you go. Spring is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your front lawn and backyard with attractive, bright, colorful flowers and plants for this season. This piece will show you some ideas to help you enhance your backyard and lawn to beautify them in spring.

Select the best Texas spring annuals

Always choose the best annual plants, which are essential to spring landscaping. Annuals are a quick solution for people who need fast-growing plants to fill their garden beds.

The climate of Texas tends to be warm and sunny for most of the year, so it is best to choose plants that can withstand the heat and thrive here. Some of these annuals are:

  • Petunias: There are three prevalent types of petunias- laurel bush, cherry and cherry petunias. All three varieties thrive in Austin and the Hill County, and create a burst of color in your home.

  • Bluebonnet: This is a very low-maintenance winter plant that can also bloom during spring and is available in white and pink.

  • Zinnias: These are excellent plants, as they're highly disease-resistant and can last till winter.

  • Globe Amaranths: Globe Amaranths are very versatile but usually overlooked summer and spring plants that can thrive in the Texas heat.

Keep your landscaping is neat and tidy

Ensure that you are planting and installing all these flowers and new landscaping designs on a well-serviced and clean lawn or backyard. No matter how pretty and colorful your flowers or plants are, they lose their appeal if they are not planted in a clean backyard. Before thinking of anything landscaping and curb appeal, be sure to clean your yard first.

Choose low-maintenance plants

Always opt for plants that will take less time and effort to maintain. For instance, a bluebonnet will give your lawn and garden a beautiful array of colors but is very low-maintenance.

Don’t crowd your lawn

When considering getting plants and flowers for your home landscaping, always ensure you are not overcrowding your space with these plants. It's an error to think the more plants with different colors they plant, the more beautiful their backyard will look.

An overcrowded lawn will forfeit the purpose of creating an appeal. Plant a few flowers that blend appropriately. With flowers, less is always more.

Choose the right plants

Many plants may look great in Texas gardens, but it doesn’t mean they are cut out for the weather. Before choosing a plant for your landscape, check the hardiness zones to be sure they are well suited for the zones.

Austin is between the border of hardiness zones 8a and 8b, so whichever plants are in these zones are perfect. Some good options are blackfoot daisy, Esperanza, Dahlberg daisy, purple coneflower, etc.

Make the smart choice with your spring landscaping beautification

Springtime and it's brilliant bloom is something that your landscape can benefit greatly from, if you get things done correctly.

At JXC Landscaping, we provide a wide range of landscaping services to have your yard looking like something out of a fairytale. The provision of drought-resistant plants, landscape renovation, and design are some of the services that we offer in the Austin and Hill County area. Request a quote to get started.



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