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5 Water Features Ideas for Your Landscape

Are you considering adding water features to your landscape? If you are, then you’re in the right place. Water features can transform your landscape, with its sight bound to soothe frayed nerves and bring a natural calm to the scene.

Amid your yard's delicate greenery and the burst of blossoming color, a water feature stands out as a sanctuary and a symbol of refreshing calm.

Why should you install a water feature in your landscape?

Water features in the landscape foster peace and relaxation, calming the mind and reviving the spirit. Plus, it attracts wildlife such as rabbits, birds, and squirrels, all needing water to thrive. Furthermore, it increases air quality and can mask nearby noise pollution.

What water features should you install?

Here are some water features that can add beauty to your landscape:


A pond is the most popular landscape water feature around. It requires some excavation and, subsequently, lining with a flexible pond liner. Some of the other materials needed are corrugated pond hoses, band clamps, pond foam, pond pumps, and pond fittings.


  • Increases property value

  • Swimming ponds are a way to exercise

  • Good source of entertainment

  • Attracts animals and insects


  • Requires regular maintenance

  • Expensive to install

Statue fountain

You can add a striking focal point in your landscape by adding a statue fountain to the space. For the best effect, you can situate it between clusters of colorful greenery.


  • They combine the best features of the landscape and hardscape

  • Limited maintenance needs

  • They lend a genuinely artistic effect to the landscape


  • Can be expensive to install


A waterfall is the best option if you have a sloped or uneven backyard. You can alter the natural downflow of water to your benefit. It’s great for those who enjoy the sounds and sight of running water.


  • Features the pleasantly relaxing sights and sounds of running water

  • It can be installed anywhere in the landscape

  • Timeless design


  • Maintenance intensive

  • Can be expensive to install

Rain curtain

Rain curtains are lines of falling water usually made on plastic sheeting that can be used to enhance your landscape. Holes are drilled into the upper portion of the curtain, with colored light shining through to reflect each water droplet.


  • They have a striking aesthetic effect

  • Design flexibility

  • Relatively low maintenance


  • Not advisable for homes with kids

  • Choice of location is essential

Laminar jets

Laminar jets are a water feature consisting of a fountain head nozzle. The nozzle is designed to produce clear glass-like jets of water constantly. They work by straightening turbulent water molecules, which improve jet transparency. The best part of laminar jets is that they can incorporate LED lighting to produce a beautiful effect for nighttime.


  • Unique aesthetic effect

  • Great for nighttime events


  • Difficult to repair

Transform your yard with water’s tranquil touch

The effect of water features in your landscape is truly astounding and is a perfect fit if you seek calm, tranquility, and the calming sounds of rushing water. Plus, there are many ways to fully or partly incorporate them into your landscape.

Choose JXC Landscaping today to help ensure a professional installation and maintenance of your landscape water feature.



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