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How Do You Modernize a Landscape

A modern or contemporary landscape is known for its sophisticated, streamlined designs. It is usually designed with more attention paid to the materials used and the style and architectural design than the natural features like plants or flowers. The modern landscape stands out the most as an organized and controlled design with a simple futuristic outlook.

If your property is quite old, it’s no surprise that the landscape design is ancient and maybe a bit dated. You’re probably looking to redesign and introduce modern concepts to your landscape. Here are a few ideas to help you modernize your landscape.

#1. Incorporate natural stone

Many of the breathtaking modern landscapes feature natural stone pavements and front yards. Natural stones are available in different shapes, sizes, and even textures making it easy to find one that blends perfectly with your landscape.

#2. Nothing beats lights

One of the easiest ways to modernize your landscape is to include lighting. It may be as simple as adding lanterns or cafe lights that give your landscape a mystical ambiance when the lights are turned on. You can even experiment with path lighting for an even more beautiful result.

#3. How about a fountain or water fixture

Fountains have been part of design concepts for a really long time. However, it is easy to modernize your landscape by adding little modern touches to already existing fountains or installing simple but beautiful water fixtures that are sure to command attention and introduce a modern twist to your landscape.

#4. Introduce a beautiful pergola shade

A pergola is a major part of modern landscapes. A nice lounging area with a shade where you can sit with friends and enjoy a cool drink in the summer is always a nice modern addition to your landscape.

#5. Build a pond

If you’re thinking of adding a modern twist to your landscape, then you might consider adding a pond. A pond with beautiful flowers is sure to create a beautiful impression on your landscape. You might add a sitting area around the pond.

#6. Introduce a cool color palette

Cool colors and complementary color schemes also add to the beauty of your modern garden. You can never go wrong with colors like gray, white, and other similar hues. Keeping the colors simple and calm to give off a sophisticated landscape view is important.

#7. Arrange your outdoors in levels, sections, and decks

Layers of decking are sure to add a modernized look to your garden. You could add two or more layers with wood flooring leading to your open kitchen. You can also add other segments to your landscape like a space for dining, cooking, a sitting area, or a lounge area.

#8. Choose modernized flooring

You can simply add modern elements to your landscape by introducing modern flooring like gravel inlays and porcelain pavers. Light-colored tiles are also a good addition to your modern landscape.

You can also consider patterned flooring designs to make the space feel bigger and introduce a modern feel to your outdoor space.

Looking to give your landscaping a modern touch? Contact the experts at JXC landscaping to get started today!

Advantages of hiring a professional landscape design company

Whether you are interested in enhancing the garden area of your front lawn or want to add a pond for a scenic view, our landscapers can create a design that will flow seamlessly throughout your property. Landscaping takes time, knowledge, and appropriate equipment. With a professional landscaping team in your corner, you can bring your vision to life. Backed by years of experience in the landscaping industry, we have an extensive understanding of Texas's climate and how to create a functional and stunning landscape. Below, we go into some of the top advantages of hiring a professional landscaping team.


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