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Backyard Makeover

Add Value to Your Home with a Backyard Makeover

The reason for a backyard makeover is to make the space a functional, presentable, and beautiful extension of a home. You can turn it into a space for personal time, entertainment, or cook-out space.

It is creative and pleasurable to participate in a backyard makeover. See how to revive a boring space into a lively backyard with these tips.

Clear the space

This applies if unused items and weeds are littering the backyard. The area may also need cleaning and tidying to know how much space is available.

Set goals

What you would like to achieve with your backyard space will help you plan properly. It would also help you put the necessities, from tools to other materials, in place, especially for a DIY. You can also decide on the type of yard design, such as; a play place for kids, a personal space for meditation, or a space for inviting friends.


This plays a major role in setting up an outdoor space like a backyard. Landscape designs that make use of natural decorative plants and man-made architectural landscapes. The landscaper would best handle this to create a clear garden-like, serene, outdoor sanctuary. As for the backyard renovation, landscapers are trained to select a design that best suits its purpose.

Create a deck

If you desire an outdoor space to receive guests, hang out with friends, and throw parties, you would prefer to raise a deck or patio. The floor-level patio is also another affordable option, made from flagstone or bricks to serve the same purpose.


Fire pits cannot be left out, especially for nights out in the backyard. This can be done by building stones to create the pit or buying a do-it-yourself fire pit that can easily be set up.

Eating space

A diner to eat in is a very good idea, especially when you're inviting guests, friends and involved in other social activities. Tables and benches or other preferred furniture for dining will occupy some space. You should also make plans for a dining space if you like to cook or eat out. In-built kitchen equipment like; refrigerator and grill would be needed.

The greener, the better

Make use of natural green plants for beautification like grass or clover to give it a serene feel. Clover seeds are used in creating lawns, can thrive with weed, and repels insects. It is a good horticultural choice for the ground. Besides, mowing the clover plant is not necessary.

Use ground covers

Ground cover is a good investment. It saves time and energy you put into watering and mowing your plants. It would be wise to pick a type of plant that animals like deer would not like to eat, like; the lamb's ear or sweet woodruff. Also, consider shady trees when planning a backyard makeover. This adds beauty to the landscape.

At JXC landscaping, we understand the aesthetics and functionality of landscaping design better than most and are interested in helping you reshape your environment to your tastes. Contact us today!

Advantages of hiring a professional landscape design company

Whether you are interested in enhancing the garden area of your front lawn or want to add a pond for a scenic view, our landscapers can create a design that will flow seamlessly throughout your property. Landscaping takes time, knowledge, and appropriate equipment. With a professional landscaping team in your corner, you can bring your vision to life. Backed by years of experience in the landscaping industry, we have an extensive understanding of Texas's climate and how to create a functional and stunning landscape. Below, we go into some of the top advantages of hiring a professional landscaping team.


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