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Top 5 New Hardscaping Trends

Incorporating stones, granite, concrete pavers, and other hard materials into landscaping has come to stay. In fact, new hardscaping trends that seamlessly blend form, function, and style to create unique spaces continue to emerge. We'll explore some of these trends, showing you how they can transform your outdoor space into a stunning and highly functional extension of your home.

Sustainable outdoor features

In modern times, sustainability has become key to efficient hardscape design as homeowners look to make their outdoor spaces more eco-friendly. Features like permeable pavers, native plant species, and rain gardens are environmentally-functional and add to the space's naturalness. Such outdoor features contribute to environmental sustainability via biodiversity and water conservation.

Mixed materials

While some homeowners still prefer to stick to a single material, the trend has now shifted to a mix of materials to add more aesthetic appeal and distinct texture to outdoor spaces. For example, concrete pavers and natural stone can be combined to great effect in patios and a blend of concrete, granite, and stone can be used for walls to create a brilliant effect reflecting functionality and form.

Outdoor living room

Another new trend is to create a living room outside a home where the residents can enjoy a good time in their backyard. The outdoor living room usually includes outdoor TV, an outdoor sound system, and LED lights, amongst other features. The outdoor living room is usually built in an enclosed space, creating a living area outside your main home.

LED lighting

The most recommended lighting for hardscaping is LED, as it conserves energy and will save you a great deal of money on energy bills.

LED lights can be installed on pathways to ensure visibility at night. The strategic placing of various lighting fixtures can highlight certain landscape features, such as fountains and flowerbeds. Also, these lights can be used in various colors and intensities to achieve a specific effect or ambiance.

Multipurpose functionality

Your outdoor space or backyard can serve many purposes if adequately planned and managed. You can create a mini water park in your backyard using stones as retaining walls to create a fountain or a fish pond, thereby giving that aquarium look.

However, to create all these multipurpose ideas, you need a rock-solid foundation, hence the need to consult a well-trained professional to get the job done perfectly.

Incorporate innovative hardscaping trends that enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor environment

Do you need your backyard transformed into a beautiful outdoor space for relaxation and a fun space for yourself and your family? JXC Landscaping is more than ready to handle it. We can help you create a truly unique and captivating outdoor space that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Contact us today.



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