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Tips and Ideas for Natural Stonework for Your Home Landscaping

Stone is said to be one of the most versatile natural elements for landscaping. Stone materials are often preferred because, since they exist naturally, they can withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions. Stones add texture, beauty, and durable cover to your landscape.

When it comes to stonework, it is important to know that there are different types of stones, some are manufactured, e.g., faux, and others exist naturally. Before choosing which ones to use for your landscape, it's important to know the difference and weigh your options. Keep reading for tips and ideas to utilize and incorporate natural rocks and boulders into your home landscape.

Natural stone vs. manufactured Stone

Manufactured stones are lighter in weight and require little time for installation. They’re also cost-effective and come in various hues and textures. On the other hand, natural stones are heavier and do not adhere to surfaces like manufactured stones.

Uncut and uncut Stone

After choosing the type of rock you want, you also need to decide whether you want your stones cut or uncut. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Uncut stones will usually take the shape of the natural stone without alteration, while cut stones are properly cut and trimmed to have a specific shape and size for the purpose they were intended for.

Tips for using stones to transform your home’s landscaping

Build a stone wall

Although the main purpose of creating a stone wall is to help prevent erosion, it enhances the landscape as it can create a beautiful outlook and give your backyard a unique look. How the stones look is determined by how well you arrange and place them.

Create rock garden

A rock garden, also known as a rockery, is a small space where you use rocks and boulders to decorate a portion of your backyard. In other words, it’s a unique way to blend rocks and live plants in the landscape. You arrange the stones in a way that allows plants to be planted and grow out of them.

Create walkways

You can use stones to create a walkway by layering stones beside the road just in front of your home, leading to your front door. The effect is almost classic and greatly enhances your yard.

Surround your pool with stoneworks

Surrounding your pool with stone works is a great idea as it gives it a unique natural look. You can enhance the pool’s aesthetics with dry-laid stone retaining walls and a natural boulder waterfall.

Surrounding your pool with stone works can seem like an easy job, but it is essential to hire a professional to ensure the structures are well placed for maximum aesthetic appeal. Opt for professionals who are experienced and know what they are doing.

If you need gorgeous stoneworks and other additions throughout your home landscaping, reach out to JXC Landscaping. Our professional landscapers have years of experience with hardscaping and implementing great hardscaping additions. Get a quote to get started.



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