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Pool Privacy Landscaping

Have you caught your next-door neighbors watching as you enjoy a private moment in the pool? It can be pretty annoying! But with no privacy features around your pool, it won’t end anytime soon.

As the leading landscaping company in Austin, our pool privacy landscaping service offers you the privacy you need without sacrificing the aesthetics of your pool area.

Benefits of pool privacy landscaping


This may be obvious, but it’s arguably the biggest benefit of pool privacy landscaping. You get to enjoy your time in the pool alone or with loved ones or friends away from the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by.


Pool privacy landscaping can make your pool area much safer, especially for young ones. JXC Landscaping can install features that make your pool area inaccessible to young children and pets when there’s no adult supervision.


You may think pool privacy landscaping will water down the beauty of your pool area. Wrong. If anything, it can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your space. As one of the best landscaping companies in Austin, JXC Landscaping can install features that complement your existing design, making it a charming addition.

Pool privacy landscaping ideas

While there are a bunch of cool landscaping ways to add privacy around your pool, you should choose one that fits in with the existing landscaping and offers both functionality and aesthetics.


A fence is one of the most effective ways to block the view of neighbors and outsiders. In addition, it helps keep kids and pets away from the pool, reducing the chances of drowning.

Fencing material can be wood, composite, metal, or a combination. Your fencing can also incorporate stunning design elements.


Planting dense shrubs and tall trees that don’t shed many leaves is a great and natural pool privacy landscaping idea. Aside from keeping out prying eyes, plants will add greenery and color to the poolside.

In addition, trees and shrubs shade your pool area, helping to keep the water and pool area cooler during the summer.

Hardscape elements

Installing hardscape elements such as a gazebo and pergola is another way to enclose your pool area. You can go with a pergola with climbing vines or a gazebo surrounded by tall plants. While these elements are large, our landscaping designers will make sure it blends in with the existing design.


Hanging curtains from your gazebo or pergola can also effectively block the view of outsiders. The additional perk curtains offer is that they are available in various colors and styles, giving you a wide array of options to choose from.

Need privacy or want your pool area to be more comfortable? We are a leading landscaping company in Austin and will be happy to help. Request a quote today to get started.



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