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Pergola Builder: Austin, TX

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Your pergola builder search is over! With JXC Landscaping we would be happy to bring your idea to life. We have years of experience and expertise in building and designing various pergola styles.

Whether you want a free-standing pergola in the pool area, an attached pergola to cover the patio, or other types, we'll design a custom pergola that provides stylish shading and style for your home at a cost that suits your budget.

Why You Need a Pergola Builder Near Me

With the sun shining for more than 300 days annually, Austin is the perfect place to enjoy the best of outdoor living. One way to transform your Austin backyard into a beautiful, gorgeous space where you can create beautiful moments with your loved ones under the right amount of shade is by building a pergola. With the help of a pergola builder near me in Austin, you get a pergola to fit your needs.


If you are thinking of building a pergola in your Austin home, then it makes sense to hire an Austin pergola builder. That's because you may need approvals and permits depending on whether your house is governed by an HOA, the size and type of the pergola, and other factors. If you don't secure the necessary documents, your pergola may be removed or the project may be halted. A local pergola builder can handle the process and help you stay compliant.

Local Weather and Conditions

One of the most common materials for pergola construction is wood, such as cedar, redwood, pine, and others. However, you have to consider the environment's humidity, insects, temperature fluctuations, and other factors when choosing a wood material. A pergola builder near me understands the Austin climate and environmental conditions and is better positioned to select the best materials for your pergola.

Pergola With an Actual Shade

Many pergolas provide only a little shade from the direct sunlight and serve mainly to beautify the home. A local pergola builder understands the correct direction for maximum shade coverage and airflow in Austin, providing you with relief from direct sunlight and heat.

Custom Pergola Designed for You

Elevate your outdoor living experience with a pergola custom-designed and built to suit your Austin home. Whether you want a space to escape the pressures of everyday life or a place to create memories with friends and family, our team will build a pergola that's functional and beautiful. Looking for a pergola builder near me in Austin and the surrounding areas? Speak with us today, and let's begin designing your dream pergola.



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