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Outdoor Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

A home's value depends primarily on the square foot, the number of rooms, and other interior fittings, but what is on the outside also can add value to your home.

If you're looking to sell your home in the future, investing in outdoor upgrades is the best way, as you would only do a complete overhaul of the exterior after it gives potential buyers a good impression. In this article, we have put together a list of outdoor upgrades that will add value to your home

Plant trees and flowers

The exterior is the first thing buyers get to see when they come to view the house. A well-manicured lawn, coupled with colorful hedges and well laid-out trees and greenery all beautify your house's exterior. In Austin, native plants are the best as they have adapted to the Texas climate and can thrive in drought as well as resist pests and diseases.

Install landscape lights

The motto for outdoor living space is accessibility or easy access; according to recent research, outdoor living space can add up to $20,000.00 value to a house. One way to increase the aesthetic appeal of the property is to install landscape lights. They aren't just there for decoration, nice as they look, as they're also quite functional.

Simplify your landscaping

When it comes to landscape on homes, buyers always prefer to go for houses with landscapes that they can easily maintain and not high-maintenance plants. So if you're designing your gardens or patios, keep it very simple by putting mulch and groundcover for easy upkeep. Elaborate and overly complicated landscape design can scare potential buyers away.

Install a pond

Adding natural features like ponds to the landscape might seem a bit outlandish, but there aren't many better ways to upgrade your home's value. A pond speaks of luxury. It's more than just a spot where you can take pictures; the sight of flowing water adds to the serenity of the atmosphere.

Any potential buyer walking in to inspect your property will certainly be in awe, and be moved to make a quick purchase. A professional Austin landscaping company can help install a pond that suits your needs and add value to your home.

Set up a fountain

Fountains are the ultimate, elitist feature of a landscape that are sure to get the value of your home soaring. Any potential buyers coming into the property, and seeing water spouting from ornately carved stonework fountains is sure to be impressed.

When you need a landscape designer to help with your home upgrade, contact JXC Landscaping. We are a full-service Austin landscaping company offering several services, including landscape design, landscape lighting, landscape installation, hardscape installation, and pond installation at an affordable cost.



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