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Luxury Landscaping and Why Millennial Homeowners Love It

Unlike the older generation, millennials put much effort into introducing functionality into their yard. They are being intentional about their landscape, the comfort, and sustainability that it offers.

The older generation cared about the size of their yard, but millennials are on about functionality. Going further, let's look into what luxury landscaping is all about.

What does luxury landscaping entail?

Luxury landscaping involves everything people can think of in a wealthy home. It focuses on functionality and a sense of refinement.

With luxury landscaping, you can host your event or entertain your guests in your beautifully designed yard.

From the swimming pools to the exotic gardens to the fire features and every other natural feature you can ever think of, this type of landscaping brings indoor comforts to the outdoors in a unique way.

How does luxury landscaping fulfill the dreams of millennial homeowners?

As stated earlier, millennials are intentional about having comfort, convenience and functionality. Their dream homes aren’t necessarily large, stately Victorian-esque estates. Rather, there’s emphasis on natural aesthetics and utility, regardless of size.

Here are some of the most valued features of landscaping that millennials find the most appealing.

Outdoor kitchens/dining areas

Millennial homeowners love the convenience of having an outdoor kitchen with every piece of equipment needed. A space designed for you to grill your meat and cook your meal to entertain your guests without having to take a tiring trip to the inside is a truly appealing thought.

Outdoor dining is always somewhere in a millennial landscape - somewhere to share great meals and have interesting conversations with friends and family without having to stick to the indoors all the time.

Landscape lighting

One of the key features of a luxury landscape is the beautiful lighting and decorations in your patios, garden retaining walls, and pathways.

For a millennial who loves nightlife, you'll most definitely find beautiful lighting decorations both functional and mood-lifting.

Outdoor relaxation spots

A millennial is likely to have an outdoor relaxation spot. Soft sofas and a table, rugs, mirrors, lighting and other outdoor accessories will be found in that part of the yard.

Such areas usually come with shade installments, and their functionality allows families and friends to have easy conversations or simply also relax with a book.

Luxury swimming pools and fountain

A private luxury swimming pool and additional water features are valued features of a millennial style of landscaping.

This type of landscaping combines social value and functionality with luxury, with the resulting effect enough to increase your property’s valuation.

Choose JXC Landscaping to achieve your dream luxury landscape

For homeowners that are interested in having a perfect landscape built around convenience, comfort, and functionality, JXC landscaping will give you the kind of landscaping you desire.

We specialize in landscape design, lighting and other services that will help actualize your luxury landscape dream. Request a quote today to get started.



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