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How to Rebuild a Flowerbed

Have you ever wondered how much effort goes into professionally landscaped flower beds? It takes time and energy. You really can't cut corners while you're at it.

Suppose your flower beds look a little dull compared to the finely landscaped ones you see around. Or perhaps, it's overgrown with weeds. In that case, you have to consider redoing it from scratch.

As mentioned before, it's a challenging task. However, following the steps outlined in this article, you can do it yourself. Read on.

Preparing a flower bed

To rebuild your flower bed, you must rip everything up and start from scratch.

First, test the soil to know which nutrients are present and which need to be added. Then, you'll have to ensure it's in a spot where it can access 8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

After that, weed by scraping the topsoil with a shovel or sharp spade, subsequently adding the soil nutrient supplements.

Clearing an overgrown flower bed

Here's how to clear your overgrown flower bed:


First, you should inspect the kind of weeds you'll have to tackle. This will help you choose the right tools.


This is the stage where you remove the actual weeds. You’ll require a garden fork, hose, shovel, and trowel.

If deeply rooted weeds exist, use boiled water or vinegar to speed up the process. Avoid spraying chemicals to avoid destroying other plans. Stick to removing the weeds by hand.

Bed preparation

After clearing out old plants and weeds, apply a rake through the soil to prepare it for composting. This is essential to remove gravel or rocks and make the soil smooth.

Redesigning your flower bed

After clearing out the rubbish and preparing the soil for new growth, the next step is to design the bed layout. Consider the plants you plan to grow and ensure that the configuration is right to get the best layout.

A six-foot wide flower bed is ideal, while you can also convert straight edges to curved ones for a better aesthetic. Also, this tweak makes your flower beds look bigger and blend in with the landscape better.

Tips for gardening design

When redesigning your flower bed, you have several choices to make. Here are some tips to guide you.

  • Use different flower species for a better aesthetic. You can use a combination of daisies, flower sprays like diascia and columbine, and flowering spikes like agastache and salvia.

  • Combine shrubs and ornamental grasses for movement, texture, and structure

  • Use perennials that bloom in early fall, summer, early spring, and late spring

  • Use plants in odd-numbered groups

  • Group the plants densely to make them draw the eye.

  • Avoid monotony by planting flowers at different heights

Steps for building a new flower bed

Here’s how to reconstruct the flower beds:

  • Add fresh soil

  • Include mulch to help the soil retain nutrients better

  • Remove rubbish from the yard

Enjoy your new flower bed

Having finished constructing the flower bed, you can appreciate its aesthetic better than it did when it was haphazard-looking.

However, no DIY method can replicate the effect of a professional landscaping service. Contact us today to make your garden look very beautiful.



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