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How to Add Landscaping Privacy to Your Yard

In our densely populated modern residential environment, privacy is of utmost importance.

You want to comfortably have a picnic by your backyard pool without attracting every eye in the neighborhood. You certainly don’t want to come face to face with the nextdoor junkie every time you step out on your balcony.

You can invest in simple construction projects to add privacy to your yard. These ideas will not only add privacy to your home but also increase its value.

Here are some privacy ideas for your yard.

Staggered wooden boards

As the name suggests, staggered wooden boards are arranged in staggered steps. They usually come in black, green, and red.

Soft shrubs and a tree canopy accompany the set of staggered wooden boards. This is a beautiful and affordable idea for adding privacy to your yard.

Layered bush

You can plant layered bushes around your yard. The bushes can be planted at different heights to provide optimum privacy.

Bushes are both visually appealing and safe for the environment. It is also an easy and affordable way to add privacy landscaping to your yard.


If you have a picket fence and you’re tired of the openings in the fence that can allow people to see into your yard or let your animals crawl out, you should consider planting flowers.

You could plant flowers between the openings in the fence to create coverage and total privacy from prying eyes.

Wooden fence wall

You can also go the traditional route of installing a wooden fence around your yard. Wooden fences can be made to different heights, depending on your preference.

You could put up a tall wooden fence wall to add privacy to your backyard. Another great thing about the wooden fence is that it keeps your pets and toddlers inside.


What’s better than killing two birds with one stone? Yes, you can add privacy to your home and protect the planet by planting trees. Planting lots of tall trees around your yard is also a great way to add privacy to your home.

You might have to plant two or three rows of tall trees to ensure optimum coverage. However, planting trees requires a lot of space, so you might have to give up some inches of your yard.

Brick walls

If you’re looking for a modern look, brick walls are the way to go. Brick walls are only a few inches thick and can be made to the height of your choice. Brick walls are aesthetically pleasing and don't take long to install.

Vinyl wall

Vinyl walls are made from a type of plastic and are waterproof, which makes them durable. Vinyl walls are also cheap and easy to install. If you want something simple and easy, then vinyl walls are the best choice.

Temporary walls

If you like your open yard but want privacy for specific events or periods, then you should invest in temporary walls, which are easily installed and removed at will.

Whatever option you choose should be installed by a professional. Call us at 512-777-8114 to help you add landscaping privacy to your yard.



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