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Avoid These Mistakes for a Beautiful and Healthy Landscape

Everyone wants a beautiful and healthy landscape, as owning such an aesthetically pleasing space gives a sense of pride. However, it is one thing to want it and another to know how to go about landscaping the right way. Many homeowners often make many errors that end up giving off an unintended effect. Want a beautiful and healthy landscape? As the leading landscaping company in Austin, we will tell you some common landscaping mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not preparing the area first

You can’t just grow plants on a lawn or backyard without adequately preparing the ground for the plants. Getting all the suitable soil with the necessary nutrients the plants need is one of the first steps to having a good and functional landscape. Clear the area of weeds and unwanted outgrowth, and prepare the soil beds aptly to ensure that the space is ready for the plants.

Failing to choose the right plant

Before choosing your choice of plants, always ensure to do some research. Picking plants that would otherwise not thrive in your area because they look beautiful or appealing to you is a common mistake many people make. If you pick plants without adequately researching it, you might have a backyard filled with dead plants.

Planting too close to the house

When you plant trees and shrubs too close to the house, they interfere with your building as they grow, which may cause damage to your structure and your roof. For instance, trees and shrubs planted close to your house are breeding grounds for pests and access into your home.

Additionally, planting shrubs and trees too close to the house can damage the foundation because they spread their roots extensively as they grow.

Not considering the plants' final size

One common error that many homeowners make is not considering the ultimate size of the shrubs or tree. When you first begin to grow a plant, it's often easy to forget that it will not remain the same size forever.

After they have grown to full size, they then begin to pose issues to their immediate surroundings. Here, the aesthetic effect is either completely muted, or it's the other way around, i.e the space damages the plant. For instance, a tree beneath a power line is destined to be cut. Ensure to consider the plant's final size before ever growing it.

Putting plants in the wrong spot

Every plant has specific needs for the amount of water and sunlight. Placing a plant in a particular spot where it shouldn’t be because you think it looks nice is a terrible mistake.

Therefore, before picking a plant spot, always consider the plant's needs as well. Consider factors like range, soul drainage, sun exposure and natural range when picking the spots to grow your plants.

Don’t do it wrong! The best way to avoid mistakes is to hire an Austin landscaping expert

If you have an idea of what you want your landscape to look like, the best way to bring these expectations to life is to employ the services of a professional landscaping company in Austin. At JXC Landscaping, our custom landscape design and installation services will meet and exceed your expectations. Request a quote today.



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