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Advantages of Paver Patios

Are you planning to renovate your patio?

You probably have your nose buried in building magazines and blog sites looking for suitable designs, materials, and color schemes for your new patio.

Or, perhaps, you’re wondering if paver patios are right for your home.

After all, it seems easier to install one big slab of concrete patio than many tiny pieces of paver patios.

As an expert in creating paver patios in Austin, we’ve had many homeowners ask us the advantages of paver patios.

Here are some of the responses we gave them.

Easily customizable

Patio pavers are easy to customize, and there are various styles, designs, and colors to choose from to make your new patio stand out while blending perfectly with the rest of your home.

With paver patios, you can design your patio in any shape and size of your choice. You can break out from the boring patio designs and have something fresh that stands out from other houses in your neighborhood.

They are durable

Paver patios are famous for their durability, usually because of the flexible installation system. Pavers are resistant to harsh weather conditions like winter and summer.

They are also anti-crack and will last a very long time. If you want something that won’t need changing for about five years or even more, paver patios are the right way to go.

They are easy to maintain

Pavers are relatively easy to maintain as it only requires minor routine cleaning to take off dirt and debris. Alternatively, you can seal your paver patio to prevent stains or amend from extreme weather conditions.

Patios are also a great way to reduce lawn space, hence reducing the cost of lawn maintenance.

Low cost of repairs

Paver patios cost less to repair than other types of patios like concrete. This is because the pavers are installed individually. Hence changing or repairing one damaged paver would not affect the rest of the patio.

Unlike concrete patios that would require changing the entire patio if it is damaged, with pavers, you only need to repair or replace the damaged one. This saves the cost of purchasing new materials for an entirely new patio.

Great space for outdoor entertainment

Think about a paver patio in your Austin home. You can relax outdoors with friends and family.

You could have outdoor furniture, a grill, and more on your patio.

Paver patios are even more stylish than ordinary concrete patios and would be perfect for hosting small outdoor events or gatherings.


One great thing about paver patios is that you don’t have to worry about them being damaged by water.

Due to the spaces between the pavers, water can easily run off and not pool on your patio. This is effective for keeping the pavement clean.

Increases the value of your property

If you decide to resell your home, paver patios will increase the resale value. Many buyers have an eye out for unique fixtures in the property, like a durable patio with low cost of maintenance or repairs.

If your mind is made up to install paver patios in your Austin home, quickly reach out to JXC Landscaping. You can also contact us if you have any queries.



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