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7 Simple Tips for Landscaping Your Small Yard

Landscaping is a wonderful way to increase your home’s curb appeal and create an outdoor living space. However, you may have a small space and feel there is no need for landscaping. If you have a limited backyard and want to create a functional and beautiful space, you are in the right place. Use these easy tips to landscape your small yard.

Start with a plan

You have to plan and get a design in place before you commence work. Planning will give you an idea of what you are dealing with to avoid unplanned circumstances and situations you didn’t anticipate.

Create a view

When working with a small backyard, always ensure to create a view. This means that you should create a focal point and make it attractive and look well-designed to create the illusion of a comfortable indoor space.

Install a water feature

Adding a water feature makes all the difference, no matter how small your backyard is. Consider adding a fountain, as water generally creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. When installing water features, location is of utmost importance. Always avoid areas that always get direct sunlight that may give rise to weed growth and away from trees to avoid falling leaves from clogging the water supply pipes.

Ensure your landscape is tidy

Dealing with a small space requires constant maintenance, as you cannot afford to have your space unclean. Untidiness in small spaces cannot be hidden and ruins the aesthetic effect.

Use lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to make your small yard look big. You can use layered lighting for an illusion of a larger space and accent lighting to help focus attention on the plants and the architectural work. When choosing lights, always ensure you opt for LED lights, as they are both safe and can save you money on energy bills.

Go for a wild garden aesthetic.

For a unique and exotic look, go for tropical plants, as they give the illusion of a plant growing in the wild. It is the easiest way to give your garden the burst of color it needs.

Use plants that are suitable for small spaces

When it comes to plants or flowers, there are plants for every weather and space. Use plants that can grow and thrive in a small yard and space to ensure proper utilization of your small space. Plants like sedum, pincushion flowers, and creeping jenny are excellent choices.

Your small yard shouldn’t hold you back from experiencing the joys of outdoor living.

Do you have a small yard and need professionals to make the most of your small space? JXC Landscaping can help. As the leading landscaping company in and around Austin, we can create a plan that will maximize the potential of your limited space while fitting your budget. Request a quote today.



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