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6 Great Backyard Design Tips For You

Getting your backyard design right is crucial, and there are many ways to do this. If you want your backyard to look truly picturesque, here are some tips to help you achieve your goal.

Link and create spaces

To achieve a great backyard design, you have to see the space as an additional room in your house. With indoor rooms, there are defined, carefully-planned spaces. The same thinking should apply to your backyard design plans.

Thus, you must use the most appropriate materials to create this same effect in your landscape. Linking these spaces is also crucial. Consider the flow of human movement from one area to another and include openings in the layout to encourage exploration of your landscape.

Identify a focal point to enhance your backyard design

A good backyard design consists of one or more clearly-defined standout points. The chosen feature can be a prominent element of the landscape like a fountain, sculpture or inground pool.

If you want to give things a different touch, you can choose a large tree or a bed of particularly colorful flowers to serve as your backyard's focal point.

Whatever choice you make, this focal point stands out and brings a unique dimension to your backyard design.

Develop a unique theme

While having a little of every feature in your backyard can be tempting, it helps to have a consistent theme when selecting materials and types. The themes can include specific colors or shapes.

To develop a unique theme, it's ideal to consider your house's architecture and find ways to work with the existing style and lines.

For instance, you might prefer soft lines to add a natural feel to the space. On the other hand, orderly geometric structures and shapes provide a completely different aesthetic to the former style.

After choosing your preferred theme, you can go ahead to select the suitable materials, decorations and plants for your backyard design.

Use plants wisely

The best kind of natural enhancement in your backyard design is greenery. The best part is that you don't have to be a plant scientist to get it right.

Choose the best-looking, elegant plants and line them on the edges of the fence. Whatever time of year it is, they're sure to look great!

If you're worried about daily caring for the plants, you can select low-maintenance evergreens like wildflowers, lavender and magnolias.

Consider future changes

As you go about your backyard design, you should think about how things could change in the future and how your plants will be affected.

So, consider factors like your plants' maintenance needs, eventual maturity, and growth rate. Ensure to space the plants well enough, so they don't choke each other and compete for space as they grow.

At JXC Landscaping, we believe your property's exterior makes a considerable impression. Contact us to help work out your backyard's design to your specific tastes.



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