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5 Signs Your Yard Needs Irrigation Work

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

A fine, green, and well-trimmed backyard is a pleasant sight. However, achieving the backyard of your dreams is a challenging task. Without regular apt maintenance, all the natural beauty will fade away, as is often the case when your yard needs an irrigation system. If you're considering whether to have irrigation work done in your yard, you needn't spend so much time pondering. Here are some signs to watch out for:

An unhealthy-looking lawn

This is one of the most obvious signs that your yard needs considerable irrigation work done. Even after putting much effort into maintaining the lawn, you may often be dissatisfied with the results. It may look unhealthy and patchy and spot signs of brown, indicating that it needs some extra hydration. When this is the case, you must contact a professional landscaper to help you with the irrigation work.

Old irrigation systems

Another sign that your yard needs irrigation work done is if the existing system is old and showing signs of needing replacement or repair. In such cases, leaks are a common feature, and you'll increasingly often find pools of water around the yard.

Sometimes, it could be a poor design that leads to overwatering in a small part of the yard, leaving the greenery in other parts dry and pale. If you see any of these signs in your existing irrigation system, then it's time to contact a professional to get new irrigation work done.

Unusually high water bills

Overwatering can often occur due to errors on your part. Asides from the fact that it results in unhealthy evenness in the greenery, it can lead to extremely high water bills. When you begin to pay extra for water, it's often a sign that you need some irrigation work done. The system helps you to water your yard optimally to promote even plant growth without skyrocketing your water bills.

When you're too busy

If your work schedule isn't flexible and you don't have time to water your yard adequately, it's a sign that you need irrigation work done. This is because plants have to be watered at a certain time daily for optimal nourishment of the root systems. Also, you want to give the water enough time to filter into the soil without drying up.

As such, most lawns are best watered in the evening or early morning. This means getting up early or putting a pause in your daily schedule to make time to care for your lawn in the evening. If creating time for this is a huge concern for you, irrigation work is just what you need.

Failing soil moisture test

Another sign that your yard needs irrigation work done is if it fails the soil moisture test. To carry out this test, simply push a screwdriver or a similar object into the soil, at least 6 inches deep. If it comes out dry, then it has failed the test.

You can repeat the experiment in different sections of your yard because certain areas dry out quicker than others so that you can get an accurate, aggregate result. If your soil fails the test, it means that your yard has chronic dryness, which is dangerous for the sustenance of your plants.

Give your yard the irrigation work it needs to thrive

If you've seen any of the signs highlighted above, it's time to contact a professional landscaper. Dryness is often a feature of soils in areas like Texas. At JXC Landscaping, our experts serve the Austin, Texas, area and are equipped with the know-how to deal with irrigation issues in your lawn. Contact us today.



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