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5 Landscaping Trends for 2022

Expert landscaping is one of the best ways to beautify your home exterior. Because of how tricky the task is, it is best to employ the services of a professional landscaping agency.

From outdoor LED lightning to garden revamps, there are several ways that you can give your home a makeover, combining functionality with brilliant aesthetics.

There’s no one way to go about it when it comes to landscaping. There are different styles to choose from, depending on your preference and the style and type of outdoor space you want to design. Here are some of 5 of the best landscaping trends in the new year:

Maximizing Your Garden Space

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small apartment in New York or a large estate in Nevada. It is ideal to maximize your garden space without removing valuable square footage.

As many people return to offices after the festive break, cultivating fine gardens in unique areas is sure to be a key landscaping style for 2022.

Thus, gardening should be more deliberate rather than a routine activity. Homeowners will want to maximize available patio space. Popular choices include vertical gardens and container gardens. If you don’t want to alter the physical landscape radically, you can use a raised bed or container to install greenery.

In addition, the use of vertical gardens and stylish, portable containers will create colorful exotic scenes that are perfect for garden parties.

Crazy Pavements

This is also known as random or crazy paving. As a unique landscaping feature, you can use it to create a unique effect.

In random paving, random stone chunks of sandstone or bluestone are used as garden steppers for pool surrounds, paths, and feature walls. Just as well, they can constitute a section of a driveway design.

You can cultivate some ground cover set between the stones to give a special effect. This way, the pathway, and the garden will flow naturally.

Curved Walls

As a key concept of art, curves give a soft effect to any context. In landscaping design, it blends nature with the artificial to produce a brilliant effect.

They can be adjusted to embrace architectural beauty and are fitting for different landscape styles. Fluid architecture provides a certain appeal to the appearance of a landscape, as curves reduce the building’s impression, helping it blend perfectly into the surroundings.

Maximizing Porches and Balconies

This trend seems set to dominate in 2022 in homes with limited outdoor spaces. As the world recovers from COVID-19, more people have grown comfortable staying and working from home. Now, even more, people are becoming creative with their limited spaces, working seemingly miracles with greenery.

In fitting several plants to your small outdoor landscape, you can hang flower pots off the roof or install plant hangers on the railings. Also, you can fix shelves for small plants.

Using Bicolor Plants

To spice up the landscape, you can also begin to use plants with two colors like the dahlia, helenium, hibiscus, annual phlox, and coreopsis.

At JXC landscaping, we stand ready to alter your landscape to the most modern tastes. Contact us today!



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